Connective Leadership

A Connective Leader...

considers and develops the organization as a focused and inclusive wholeness of people and activities

is convinced about the correlation between ‘convenient working’ and ‘well performing’ and acts according to this conviction

practises in the organizational diagram a vertical (policy) dialogue and a horizontal (input-output) cooperation and recommends these amongst fellow leaders

aims for sustainable improvements that add value

considers ‘to help’ and ‘to be open for help’ the foundations for effective collaboration

sees employees as co-workers and enables them to explore and apply their talents

provides co-workers the information they need to perform well

seeks continuously the balance between organisational objectives and the interests of co-workers, customers and society

Ready for a bit of mirroring?

Are you a leader, manager, organization professional or in the process of becoming one? Are you in for a bit of reflection, self-reflection and challenging competition with the connective giants? Feel welcome to fill out the form in the language of your choice, containing all instructions to find yourself soon in a state of reflective mirroring about your whether or more to develop leadership capabilities, in order to contribute to the well being of your organization and all of its stakeholders. The rest is future.

  1. The questionnaire is about your associations with certain words that regularly occur in the context of an organization.
  2. Please give your present opinion, based on your ideas or experiences about organizations.
  3. The questionnaire consists of eight steps and requires 7 to 10 minutes to complete.
  4. Your name is stored in the database to personalise your Connective Leadership report.