Features and pricing


Starting point for personal and professional leadership development.

Validated connective leadership profile
Comparison with 'ideal' connective leader
Shortcut to personal report
Privacy guaranteed
Start for free The freemium is completely free. Would you like to make a contribution? Then share clmirror.org in your network and/ or pay what you want afterwards.

Team report

Provide your team members with valuable insights to improve their connected performance.

Interactive CLM team report
Password protected shortcuts to CLM reports
12 invitations included

Invite, and provide your clients and prospects with a CLM report in your company's style.

Branded clmirror.org subdomain
Your logo on the CLM report
Your contact details on the CLM report
150 words of free text on the CLM report
25 invitations included
Password protected shortcuts to CLM reports

Additional invitations cost 97 euros for each set of 10 invitations.


Wide range of CLM services to analyse and improve leadership performance in organizations.

Company branded environment
Access to all clmirror.org functions
Native language support
CLM workshops
CLM coaching

Expert review

Enrich your CLM report with expert reflections and suggestions.

A 500 words expert review
Tailored to your role and profile
Added to your CLM report
Password protected shortcut to your CLM report
Can be purchased after completing a Freemium, Team report or Branded CLM
All prices shown are exclusive of VAT.