CLM Report

Reading guide

First, read the explanation of the colors to get a general idea. Then look at your own (golden) profile.

Do you recognize yourself in certain aspects?
What appeals to you, what asks your attention?
Now, take a 'mild' glance at the (silver) 'ideal' CL profile.
Which 'differences' between gold and silver appeal to you?
What do you appreciate the most?
What is it you would like to happen because of your new insights?

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Connective Leadership Mirror

Interested Person -

The colour scheme below shows the report of the ideal Connective Leader. Each colour represents certain value drivers that trigger human behaviour. The diagram also presents your own (leadership) report, based upon the way you completed the Connective Leadership Mirror form.

What appeals to you? What triggers you? Where do you see possibilities for further personal development?

Turquoise inclusion, holistic, dialogic, cross-boundaries
Yellow creative, thrive in complexity, learning, diversity
Green people centered, together, social, equality
Orange goals, success, deliveries, innovative
Blue structure, agreements, control, the system
Red strength, power, direction, courage
Purple traditions, tribes, rituals, belonging

...people and organizations are happy, work well and perform sustainably with leaders who connect people, values, processes and systems...

The colours were derived from Spiral Dynamics®, a method to explain human behaviour, based on the works by dr. Clare Graves.

Especially for this Connective Leadership Mirror the colours are explained by keywords related to leadership and management.